Recommended Best Practices on Creating an Assessment Committee from Member Campuses

  • Include a strong leader on committee that has political and social capital.
  • Don’t force membership; members should want to be there
  • Necessary skills include energy, interest, intellectual curiosity, motivation
  • Committee members should want to be there AND want to learn
  • Have higher level administrator on committee if possible
  • Allow members to empower and engage with those beyond the committee
  • Committee should create their own charge, if top down will need to get buy-in
  • Have vision/purpose that connects with divisional big picture
  • Have manageable and concrete goals
  • Hold individuals accountable
  • Focus on learning-provide capacity building resources and support
  • Create system for reward/recognition
  • Meet regularly no matter what
  • Have fun!

*Tip: Search the ASSESS listserv archive for discussion-list threads on committee structure and function.

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