Before we can export data from Planning a report definition needs to be created by either a site administrator or user with admin reporting privileges. If you are not familiar with reporting permissions or how to create a report definition, please refer to the Reporting Permissions and Creating a Report Definition articles. 
Once you have created a report definition you can click the “View Report” blobid1.pngbutton from the list of reports for your respective unit. 
Users also have the option to generate a report by clicking on the blobid3.png button located at the bottom of the report definition editing screen. 
LAB TIP: It is important to remember that for reports that pull a large amount, typically those run at the institution level, of data can take up to 15 minutes or more to finish generating. We encourage you to keep the report generation tab open and allow it to finish.
Once you click on either the “View Report” or “Generate Report” button a secondary tab will open and your report will begin to generate. You will know your report is generating when a loading icon is displayed. 
When your report has finished generating a web preview will be displayed with the time stamp of the report generation as well as an option to remove relate item indentation from the report. 
While showing related items indented is a great visual aid when reading a report if there are too many levels the report can become very narrow. Removing related indentation can help when printing a PDF copy of the report, as PDFs can only accommodate so much content. 
Once you have confirmed that everything looks accurate from the web preview you can click on the “Print” button to create a pdf export of the report. Additional options (Microsoft Word, Excel and shareable web link will be coming very soon!)